Proven ERP experience with the
world's leading brands

Infor M3 Specialist working in conjunction with i3 to form a unique group of consultants.

We have been customers of the product and in many cases implemented M3 into the business we were working at.
Myself I was the CTO of Rip Curl implementing M3 and then supporting it in the business before moving into consulting.

It gives us a unique perspective of knowing how you use M3 from a customer perspective as well as from a consulting stand point.

services include

General support

Allow our team to become an extension of your IT team.

We know there are times where internally there is not enough resource for all the BAU activities or that projects cant be achieved with your current resources.

Project implementations

This can be large scale or smaller adhoc projects. Often incorporated with the support service we can help analyse, develop, test and implement any solution you are looking for.

From interfacing a new Online Ordering system, to Manufacturing execution systems to BI reports or Process automation workflows to remove inefficient tasks, or new MOM layouts we have seen it all.


We have the skillset to help you upgrade to a new version, the benefit here is we can come in as extension of your business and act on your behalf or we can also run the updgrade for you.

Here we are able to analyse the old system , suggest modifications to remove, system configuration, testing, training and the data migration process.

Some of the M3 components we often help with are:

  • Mec
  • MOM
  • EventHub
  • Process Automater
  • JScripts and customisations
  • LWM and Factory Track or check out the Indigo WMS if you want full WMS capability and efficiencies
  • the list goes on

Our focus is to help you and your team be successful. Our purpose is to get your team up to speed and self sufficient. We know that if you are successful then we are successful.

We have also worked with other ERP systems such as Infor System21/Aurora and Infor LN, but M3 is our speciality. Contact us, we are willing to discuss your needs.