Indigo are warehouse specialists first and software company second, with over 39 years in business.

Is your warehouse not running at its optimal performance? Are you holding too much stock or dont have the stock for your important orders?

It is the answer to simple questions like these that could lead you to the simple answer that your business would benefit from a Warehouse Management System (WMS), regardless of the ERP you are running.

This is why Zone24 have partnered with WMS specialist Indigo to bring a competitive and cost effective WMS to the Australia and New Zealand market.

Most ERP systems have limited warehouse management capabilities and only scratch the surface, leading to lots of adhoc reports and inefficient processes.  A WMS is your answer and is not as cost prohibitive as it once was, the question now is can you afford not to look into it.

Zone 24 has had extensive warehouse experience over the last 2 decades, and has never found one that sits in that sweet spot of cost effective and simple to use.  We can honestly say Indigo meets that need.

indigo wms features

Below you’ll find some of the key components which will enable you to improve the efficiencies in your processes and deliver a greater ROI.

  • Advanced Receiving Process 
  • Returns Management Software
  • Optimal Put Away Control
  • Perpetual Inventory Software
  • Efficiency Reporting Software
  • Consignment Management
  • Voice Enablement
  • Advanced Ship Notifications

You can also read more detail about the comprehensive features of Indigo WMS, here.

benefits of indigo wms

Indigo WMS has proven to transform businesses and will transform yours too. Our systems have been devised specifically to optimise your warehouse operation and improve efficiency, here are some great benefits using our warehouse management system.

  • Up to 99% improved stock accuracy
  • Improved On Time In Full (OTIF) performance
  • Immediate realtime access to accurate stock information
  • Increased operator productivity due to system driven solution
  • Greater agility to respond to ever changing omni-channel demands

Can your supply chain afford not to be in the zone? Contact us if you would like more information.