Looking at upgrading your M3 ERP instance, drowning in BAU support or having trouble finding the right resources to help deliver projects?

Zone24 and partners are here to make you successful

Expert ERP & WMS consulting

We know your pain of trying to run IT within your business, we have been there.

Trying to keep hold off staff and train them up on a system with so many moving parts, is near impossible.  
It is often not cost effective or possible to have all this handled in house.
Let Zone24 and partners help, our aim is to help you and your team be successful.
We can help with our support services and/or project services get your IT team in the zone.

Or let us transform your warehouse into an efficient cost effective machine with a WMS

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Specialising in M3 ERP Projects, ERP Support or ERP developments we
have you covered.


Can you afford not to have a WMS in these times? 
Check out Indigo WMS


With over 20+ years of IT and business experience ranging from in house management experience, software development inside an ERP software company or as a business consultant we have seen all sides of IT.

Our vision is to use all that exeprience to help you and your business to be successful, to do this we have established relationships with like minded businesses to deliver all things related to ERP or WMS systems.
With i3 Consulting who are leaders in the Infor M3 space we have some of the best consultants in the business, helping with those BAU support or Project services you need to be successful, no project to big or small we have the ability to scale.
With Indigo we have access to a company that are warehouse specialists first and a software company second.  We at ZONE24 are huge believers in the ability of a WMS to drive business performance, can you afford not to do it. 
Indigo have been in the business for over 39 years and have now expanded into the Australian region.